Questions & Answers


• Do you often feel inadequate concerning your knowledge about God and His Word?

• Do family and friends often come to you for help with their problems?

• Do you wish you could get the proper training to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life?

• Do you feel God has gifted you with a desire to help and provide encouragement for people?

• Do you wish to be better trained, equipped, more skilled and able to use God’s Word during these times?


If you answered yes to any of the following questions,God may be calling you to study for a special ministry! Whether you are in ministry, or have never studied before, these programs might be just what you need!

Question: Are these programs flexible enough to fit my busy schedule?


Definitely. The New Greater Bethel Bible Institute epitomizes flexibility, allowing you to design a schedule that is convenient for you. Classes are given in the evening and are also available on Saturday morning.

Question: Will I receive a certificate when I finish my course of study?


Yes, you will receive a certificate from the Bible Institute signifying the completion of the entire program of study. Your certificate does not,however, certify you to minister – that would be the decision of your local church leadership.