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    G.E.DH.S. Diploma




    If YES please provide transcript and/or copies of certificate of completion along with this application.





    As a student of the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute, I agree to follow the rules and regulations set forth by this institution. I understand that I must exemplify Good Christian Ethics, both verbally and morally, in and out of the classroom environment. I further understand that appropriate behavior should be displayed toward Staff Members, Instructors, Fellow Classmates and the General Student Body. I consent to NGBBI’s Media Release Policy. I agree not to record any class sessions. I understand that my attendance in class and at Chapel is important to the successful completion of my Biblical education. I agree to have my tuition paid in full by December 1st of the current year. I understand that by signing this application I am held accountable for all of the above.

    Check here if you agree to our terms and conditions.* Yes

    Please visit our website at In addition, you may contact the office via email at Representatives are available Wednesday & Friday 11:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. Eastern Time at (718) 978-4357 ext. 227.


    Please complete the application form in its entirety. Students who wish to enroll in multiple classes must fill out an additional application form for each course enrolled.

    Transfer Students coming from other Biblical Institutions will be required to schedule an admissions appointment with Dean Morgan. Students must have an official transcript available at the admissions appointment.

    Current NGBBI students who wish to enroll into the Masters or Doctorate Program for the 2022-2023 School Year must contact the office to schedule a registration appointment.Students with outstanding balances from any previous school year are disqualified from registering for any courses until all balances are satisfied.

    To register for a course, please submit the following:

    • A completed, two-sided application form for each course enrolled
    • $50 Non-refundable Tuition Deposit for each course enrolled
    We accept Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit cards. Money Orders and Checks can be made payable to New Greater Bethel Bible Institute. If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact us for additional information.

    Classes will begin October 5, 2022!

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